Field Labs, Inc.

We Lease Concrete Construction Test Equipment

Call or E-mail Field Labs for a quote to Lease the equipment your specs require.  

At this time we've designed our equipment inventory to serve contractors who  have TXDOT projects with concrete structures or paving.  We are located in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas Area , but can ship to all of Texas.  

We Currently Offer:

Forney Concrete Compression Machines

Test Pilot Digital Readout

Air Entrainment Test Meter

Portable Slump Test Kit

4" and 6" Retainers for Pad Capping Cylinders

Curing Tanks

Curing Tank Heaters

Misc. Small Items:

Cylinder Stripping Tool, Scoop, Rubber Mallot, Temp Gauge, Tamping Rods, Replacement Pads, calipers, squares, Etc.